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A selection of the most popular e-liquid flavours in the UK!

Our premium Wizmix flavours are all made here in the UK.

We exclusively offer Vermillion River, as well as the famous Redwood Blend and Pipe Sauce.

All our e-liquids are available to buy at wholesale pricing. For more information, please visit our wholesale e liquid page.

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  • Wizmix


    As you can probably guess from the flavour names and images, we're really, really into our e-liquids. We have spent 24 months developing these flavours, lovingly. Each flavour has a unique taste and something we hope, will put a big smile on your face. Life is all about enjoying things, and that's how we came about creating these flavours. What's more, we've kept Wizmix at very low budget level pricing to keep cost down.

    We do not import our liquids from unregulated and questionable facilities in China. Our WizMix range is made right here in our clean room facilities in the UK! We source all of our raw materials and ingredients from UK sources all of whom adhere to cGMP standards to ensure the highest quality and safety standards are met on EVERY bottle.

    Our WizMix range is regularly GC-MS tested (results available on request) to show the liquid is as "clean" as possible and contains the correct amount of nicotine.

    The range is made up of 70% PG (propylene glycol) and 30% VG. WizMix comes in a wide range of flavours and strengths.

    All e-liquids are supplied in child-proof dropper style bottles. You should always take care when handling and storing e-liquids as they contain nicotine which is classed as a poison. You should keep the bottles out of reach of children, animals and anyone who is not actively using the e-liquids. You should also make sure the cap is on properly and sealed before storing.

    Our flavour of standard e-liquids may vary from batch to batch due to the scale of production on the e-liquid products.

  • Swoke


  • Mrs B's E Liquid

    Mrs B's E Liquid

  • Redwood Blend

    Redwood Blend

    The Redwood Blend range was born on ecig forums in 2012, and gained great popularity. Now you can try this subtle range of flavours designed as 'all day vapes'.
  • Vermillion River

    Vermillion River

    Vermillion River Premium E-Juice - Made in the beautiful backdrop of Minnesota. Vermillion River E Liquid is quite possibly the finest E Liquid in the world.